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VBS Changed My Life

Where’d you learn that?” I asked my friend, Gift* when he finished telling me the amazing story of Joseph and his brothers.

“It’s in the Bible,” he replied with a grin. “And if you’d come with me to our Adventist Youth Ministry (AYM) programs, Joshua, you could learn these stories too.” Gift lived on the campus of Babcock University, not far from my home in town. I admired his knowledge of the Bible and wanted to learn more about it myself.

“We’re having Vacation Bible School (VBS) in a few days,” he said. “Why don’t you come?”

I’d been playing football with some of the AYM kids at their Sunday exercise program, and I really liked them. They started each game with prayer and a short devotion, and they were kind to each other on the field.

I prayed about whether I should attend VBS, and I felt that God wanted me to go. Gift was right. I not only heard a lot of stories from the Bible, I also learned songs about God, did crafts, and made friends. Best of all, I learned that Jesus loves me.

At the end of VBS, I decided that I wanted to become a Seventh-day Adventist. I was baptized one year ago, and now I want to share my faith just like Gift shared his faith with me. I want people to know about the Sabbath and that Jesus is coming soon.

I invited my cousin to VBS this year, and he came to every meeting. He really enjoyed the Bible stories, crafts, and games. He isn’t a Christian, but now he knows that Jesus cares for him. His parents are very supportive of his coming to church with me.

Most of my friends criticize me because I became a Seventh-day Adventist. That really hurts. They don’t want me to talk with them about Jesus, so I try to share Him through my character and actions, like always being cheerful. But not everyone acts this way. Some of the young people I’ve shared Jesus with are thinking about coming to church, and that makes me glad.

Jesus Set Me Free

Joining AYM has made a positive difference in my character. I want to help people in the community now, especially the older ones. I like to carry their bags, greet them kindly, and show them respect.

VBS changed my life. I felt so happy when I learned Jesus loves me! I’ve always carried my burdens alone in my own strength. But now that I know that Jesus cares for me, I’ve let go of those burdens. Jesus set me free!

The Thirteenth Sabbath Offering this quarter will help build a multipurpose center at Babcock University for the AYM members. We need this building badly because we don’t have a place to worship or attend our youth programs. The center will help us grow in our love for Jesus and strengthen our skills in sharing Him with others. Please support this project generously. Thank you!

*Name has been changed.