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Operation Smile

How could we bring a smile to the face of every child in town? That was the question challenging us as we sat in our Children’s Ministries meeting at Babcock University’s Pioneer Church. We’d helped people in the community many times, but this time we wanted to do something just for the kids. Whatever we did, it had to be something new, fun, and powerful.

Sharing God’s Marvelous Grace

We prayed together and shared ideas of what we could do. Then someone suggested that we have a special Sabbath program called Operation Smile. Our goal would be to provide the children with a reason to hope for the future and to show them God’s love in practical ways, like giving them a nutritious meal. We loved the idea and chose the theme of God’s marvelous grace.

There was so much to do to get ready; we were glad we had the help of our pastors, teachers, and parents. Babcock University students even volunteered to help us!

Finally, the big day arrived. We were concerned that only a few people would come because we didn’t tell them about our program soon enough. But we had no reason to worry. More than 80 children and adults showed up!

For more than three hours, 110 of our Adventist youth shared Jesus through music, a skit, and a special message of hope. We also gave our guests a nutritious meal, cakes, and Bibles.

We thank God for blessing Operation Smile. Many of our guests expressed an interest in learning more about Jesus, so we’re planning to start a branch Sabbath School in town now.

Our new friends in the community aren’t the only ones smiling after this event. Our Adventist Youth Ministry team is all smiles too!

Part of the Thirteenth Sabbath offering this quarter will help build a multipurpose building for our Adventist youth where we can meet for worship and programs. It will greatly strengthen our children’s outreach program. Please give generously.