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A Walk In The Park

Dorota grew up in the Eastern European country of Poland [locate Poland on a map]. Even when Dorota was a very little girl, she had a very big wish—she wanted to hear God speak to her.

Dorota thought that maybe she could hear God’s voice if she went to church with her grandfather. So every Sunday she and her grandfather went to the nearby Catholic church. Week after week and month after month went by, and five-year-old Dorota was disappointed that she couldn’t hear God talking to her.

Finally, one Sunday as they were leaving, Dorota blurted out, “Oh, Grandpa! I’m sad. I don’t hear God in this church.”

Dorota’s grandfather took her by the hand and they went to the beautiful countryside fields and meadows. “Now you can open your heart and mind and speak to God openly and sincerely, and He will hear you,” said her grandfather.

Dorota was so happy! Now she knew how to pray. She learned that she could talk directly to God, and that He would hear and answer her.

Dorota always remembered the day that her grandfather taught her how to pray, and as she grew up she continued talking with God. However, sometimes she felt sad because other people didn’t understand how God was her Friend and why she prayed to Him. But she kept praying anyway, even when people would sometimes make fun of her. She knew that God loved and cared about her.

Dorota grew up, got married, and had children of her own. Then, after many years, she decided to move to the country of Northern Ireland [locate N. Ireland on a map].

One day, Dorota and her daughter went walking in a park not far from where they lived. As they walked, they talked to each other in their native language of Polish. Then all of a sudden, they heard someone else speaking in Polish—it was another lady who was walking in the park and talking in Polish on her cell phone.

This was very unusual, because most people in Northern Ireland speak English. So when all three women heard each other speaking Polish, they stopped and greeted each other.

As they talked together, Dorota could tell that there was something special about this lady. She told Dorota and her daughter that she was a Seventh-day Adventist and asked if they would like to study the Bible together.

Dorota was so excited! Here was someone who loved God, who prayed, and who would even study the Bible with her! The lady invited Dorota to visit the Adventist church, and soon Dorota was coming to church every Sabbath.

The woman also introduced Dorota to the Hope Channel from Poland, where she could watch many wonderful Bible programs available on the internet in the Polish language. Dorota was very happy to learn about Hope Channel Poland.

Soon, Dorota decided to be baptized and become a Seventh-day Adventist. She continues to go to the Adventist church in Ireland, and she also watches Hope Channel Poland.

Many Polish people around the world enjoy watching Hope Channel Poland. Your Thirteenth Sabbath Offering will help to build a television studio for Hope Channel Poland, so that they can make more good Bible programs for the Polish people. Thank you for bringing your offering to help with this special project.