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Adventist Mission

Little Brother Leads

Kenneth was bored. His best friends had gone away to a boarding school, and he didn’t have anyone to play with. All his brothers and sisters were older than he was and didn’t want to play with him.

Then he had an idea. He asked his parents to let him study at the Adventist boarding school where his friends were studying. Two of his sisters also urged his parents to send Kenneth to the boarding school. Finally, his parents agreed, and Kenneth eagerly joined his friends at boarding school.

Discoveries in School

“At first I just liked the school because my friends were there,” Kenneth says. “But now I also like the teachers and the Bible classes, and I enjoy the daily worships that we have. I especially like Sabbath School because my church doesn’t have a fun class for children to learn about God.”

As Kenneth studied his Bible lessons, he began to notice some differences between what his family’s church teaches and what the Adventist church teaches. “In my family’s church, the teachers tell us something about God, but they don’t show us where it says that in the Bible,” Kenneth says. “At school my teachers tell us something and then read it from the Bible so we’ll know it’s true. I began to realize that what my family’s church teaches isn’t all true.”

Sharing With the Family

When Kenneth went home for vacation, he talked to his parents about some of the things he was learning at school. His parents weren’t angry that he was learning more about the Bible. But when his father asked him if he wanted to become an Adventist, Kenneth didn’t answer because he didn’t want his father to be angry with him.

Kenneth eventually told his mother that he wanted to become an Adventist, and she told him to think carefully before making a decision. The next day Kenneth told her that he was sure that he wanted to become an Adventist. His mother was glad, so Kenneth studied the Bible and prepared to be baptized.

Kenneth invited his mother to attend church with him when he was at home during school breaks. But his father works on Saturdays and isn’t interested in changing religions.

Adventist Education Pays

Kenneth’s older brother studies in an Adventist high school and also prepared for baptism. “We are the only two in our family who have studied in Adventist schools, and we’re the only ones who became Adventists,” Kenneth says. “That shows that Adventist education is important!”

“We have a good faith,” Kenneth says, referring to the Adventist Church. “And God wants others to know it too. It’s up to us to tell them. Please pray that my brother and I will have the wisdom to know how to share God’s love with our family and friends.”

Kenneth is being a missionary. Let’s pray for Kenneth and his brother right now. [Close with prayer.]