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The Big Yellow Truck, Part 2

Who remembers where last week’s story happened? [Sri Lanka.] What happened when the big yellow mission truck met a big bus on a narrow road? [The bus went over a cliff and bounced to a stop 150 feet below.]

Mr. Juriansz, the driver, got out of the truck. He ran to check on the children who were riding in the back. Everyone was safe.

Angel Protectors

“We came down that steep 150-foot cliff and didn’t even turn over!” said Mr. de Silva.

“And there are only a few small dents on the front fenders,” said Mr. Juriansz. “I think the bushes and little trees helped hold us back.”

“I do too,” said Mr. de Silva.

“I think the angels held us in their hands,” said Mother.

“So do I.”

“So do I.”

“And so do I,” said the children. Then everybody was quiet for a moment, for you’re always quiet when you know real angels are close by.

“It’s a Miracle!”

The men from the passenger bus scrambled down the embankment. They were sure everyone in the truck was dead. But when they saw that the truck was standing on its wheels and the passengers were unhurt, they said, “It’s a miracle! Your God must be a strong and good God, and He is with you!"

The truck had stopped among some coconut palms only ten feet from a river. A small road passed nearby. The men pushed and pulled, and soon the big yellow truck was on the little road. Then the children scrambled back into the truck. Mr. Juriansz thanked the bus passengers, and then he started up the engine. The big yellow truck rumbled to life and jogged along the garden road and onto the main road. Then away it went all the way to town. And the children laughed and sang and thanked God for their miracle.

At last the men had bought all the supplies and packed them into the truck. The children climbed in and sat on top of the supplies. And off went the big yellow truck, through the village and down the hill and across the river and up the hill and around the corner and past the place where they’d had the accident.

“Stop! We Want to See!”

But when the big yellow truck came to the village where the people had said, “We won’t ever send our children to your school,” the people ran out into the street, waving their hands and saying, “Stop! We want to see the big yellow truck! We’ve heard what your God has done for you! Your God is a good God! We want to send our children to your school now!”

And when they came to the village where the people said, “We wish you hadn’t built your school so near to us,” the people ran out and waved and said, “Stop! We want to see the big yellow truck! We’ve heard what your God has done for you. Your God is a good God! We are glad now that you are living near us.”

And when they arrived back at the mission school and passed the students who were working in the garden, the students waved and said, “Did you have a good time?” And the children said, “Yes! And we had a miracle!”

And surely they did!

That big yellow truck served the mission for many more years, carrying coconuts to market and bringing back supplies for the school. 

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