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Adventist Mission

The Invitation

That evening Jien-Yu wrote one last note to his teacher. “Dear Teacher,” he wrote.

Jien-Yu [jee-EHN yoo] lives on the island of Taiwan. [Locate Taiwan, off the eastern coast of China, on a map.] He and his mother and grandmother and younger sister worship in the Adventist church next door to their home.

When the pastor announced that the church would hold evangelistic meetings, he urged everyone to invite their friends and families to attend. Jien-Yu decided to invite his school teacher.

The next day at school Jien-Yu approached the teacher’s desk. “Teacher,” he said, “our church is going to hold evangelistic meetings, and I’d like you to come.” He gave her a brochure about the meetings.

The teacher looked at the brochure and said, “Yes, I will try to come if I can. Thank you.” Jien-Yu smiled as he returned to his seat.

Waiting for His Teacher

The evangelistic programs began on Sunday evening. All weekend Jien-Yu prayed that his teacher would come. On Sunday afternoon Jien-Yu helped the pastor place chairs in the church courtyard. He checked to see that all the electrical equipment was properly plugged in. Then he scanned the courtyard. Everything was ready!

Jien-Yu watched as people entered the courtyard. He didn’t see his teacher. When it was time to begin the song service, he joined his friends up front to lead the singing. As he sang, he looked for his teacher, but he didn’t see her. She hadn’t come. Jien-Yu was so disappointed.

A Special Message

The next day at school he decided to write a note in his homework notebook inviting her to come again.

“Dear Teacher,” he wrote. “We had our first meeting at church last night. I helped lead the song service, but I didn’t see you. I was disappointed. But the meetings continue this week. I hope you can come.”

Jien-Yu turned in his homework notebook for the teacher to correct. That afternoon when the teacher returned the students’ notebooks Jien-Yu opened his and saw the note he had written. Underneath it his teacher had written a note to him. “I am sorry I missed the appointment last night. We had a meeting at school until late.”

Jien-Yu wrote another note to his teacher. “Dear Teacher, It’s OK. We have meetings all this week. I hope you can come.” Jien-Yu finished his homework then hurried to the church to help prepare for the evening meeting. Again he led song service and watched for his teacher to arrive. But he didn’t see her. He watched for her during the sermon, but she still didn’t come.

The next morning Jien-Yu again turned in his homework notebook with the note he had written the day before. And when the teacher returned the notebook later that afternoon, Jien-Yu found another message from the teacher. “Thank you for your understanding. I wish you all the best on your performance tonight.”

That night as Jien-Yu helped lead the singing, he saw his teacher slip in and sit down in the back. At last she had come! He sang with new energy. After the meeting Jien-Yu hurried to thank his teacher for coming, but she had already gone.

The next day when Jien-Yu’s teacher returned the homework notebook, Jien-Yu found another note from her. It said, “I came to the meeting last night. It was wonderful, and you were great.” Jien-Yu smiled to himself.

That evening Jien-Yu wrote one last note to his teacher. “Dear Teacher,” he wrote. “I’m so glad you came to the meeting last night. If you have time, please come again. We have refreshments after the meeting. Please do come.”

Every evening Jien-Yu watched for his teacher, but she didn’t return. Jien-Yu was glad he’d invited her, even though she didn’t come every night and hasn’t yet given her heart to Jesus.

Jien-Yu prays for his teacher often.He knows that maybe one day she will remember his invitation and accept Jesus into her heart. Meanwhile, Jien-Yu tries to be the best student he can be so that his teacher will see that he is a friend of Jesus and will want to know Jesus too.

You can be a missionary just like Jien-Yu. You can invite someone to Sabbath School or to a special meeting at church. And by being kind, thoughtful, and obedient, you can show others that Jesus is your friend.