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GLOWing for Jesus

Ten-year-old Provi is on a mission.

Ten-year-old Provi is on a mission. Every Monday morning he arrives early at the Seventh-day Adventist school he attends to help prepare for his class’s weekly mission project. When the students arrive, they pray together and then go out into the neighborhood to give away GLOW tracts.

Giving Light

“GLOW stands for ‘Giving Light to Our World’,” says Provi. “Giving away GLOW tracts is a way to share God’s love with people. I’ve been doing this for three years. When we go out to share Jesus with others, we are learning how to be a witness for Him. We go out in pairs. I usually let my friend carry the tracts, and I do the talking.”

When someone answers their knock on the door, Provi smiles and introduces himself and his friend. “We have a gift for you,” he says, as his friend gives them the tract. “Sometimes people don’t want the tract,” Provi says. “That’s OK. Maybe someday they will want to read it.”

The tracts that Provi and his classmates give away are filled with encouraging Bible texts and answers to questions that people have on different subjects. “One of our tracts tells people that Jesus is coming soon, other tracts help them to handle problems in their lives, and others answer still more questions. They all give the reader hope for the future,” he says.

Prayer Ministry

Prayer is an important part of Provi and his classmates’ ministry. “We always ask people if we can pray for them,” Provi says. “If they agree, I ask them if they have any special prayer requests. Then I ask God to be with them and help them with any problems they are having.

“I enjoy meeting people and telling them about Jesus,” Provi says. “I especially like to see their smiling faces when I offer them a tract that talks about something they are struggling with in their lives.”

Rewards of Service

Several people who have been contacted by Provi and his classmates have contacted the church and asked for Bible studies. “It’s exciting to hear that people I have talked to really do want to learn more about Jesus,” Provi says. “Some even attend church. That’s really special! I know of at least five people that are coming to church on Sabbath because I gave them a tract.”

Missionaries for Jesus

Provi and his father also distribute tracts on weekends. Provi hopes that other children will find ways to be missionaries in their communities. “It isn’t hard,” Provi says. “We are just kids, but Jesus has asked us to tell others that He loves them. And if He asks us, He will give us the courage and ability to do it.”

Let’s see who we can share God’s love with this week. And let’s not forget that giving our mission offering helps tell others about Jesus too.