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The Camp Lady and the Camp Man

Sammy had a problem—he really, really wanted to go to camp, but his family didn’t have any money

Sammy had a problem—he really, really wanted to go to camp, but his family didn’t have any money. He had heard all about Camp Polaris from his friends—about the wonderful songs they had learned around the campfire, about the delicious food they ate every day, about swimming in the lake, and most importantly, that the people at camp really cared about the kids.

Sammy had also heard that it might be possible for him to go to camp—even if he didn’t have money. He would have to write a letter to the “Camp Lady”, explaining why he wanted to come to camp, and asking for help. Even though her real name was Mrs. Reiswig, everyone just called her the “Camp Lady.”

One day, Sammy got up his courage and took some of his notebook paper and started writing.

The Letter

“Dear Camp Lady, My name is Sammy. I really want to come to camp this summer, but my family doesn’t have any money to pay for it. But I still really want to come. My friends tell me how wonderful it is . . . .”

Sammy kept writing and writing. By the time he was finished, he had written four pages to the Camp Lady, telling her how much he wanted to come to camp and asking for her help. Then he took his letter and carefully folded the paper into a neat little packet.

But then Sammy had another problem—how would he get the letter to the Camp Lady? Being very shy, Sammy was scared to give his letter to her. What could he do?

Hiding in the Bushes

Finally, he decided to take his letter to the Camp Lady. Carefully putting the folded letter into his pocket, Sammy started walking. But when he arrived at the Camp Lady’s office, he was too scared to go in so he hid in the nearby bushes for two hours!

But even though Sammy was trying to hide from her, the Camp Lady saw him and eventually went outside to see what he was doing. Very shyly Sammy pulled the folded paper packet out of his pocket. Handing the paper to Mrs. Reiswig, Sammy quickly turned and ran away.

Unfolding the packet, the Camp Lady found Sammy’s hand-written letter. He desperately wanted to come to camp, but he had no money, and his parents had no money. After reading his letter, the Camp Lady found a way, and Sammy got to go to camp.

A Little List

Another time, a boy who desperately wanted to go to camp came to see the Camp Lady and explained his plan to her. He would do all he could to earn as much money as possible so he could help pay for his time at camp. Mrs. Reiswig thought that was a great idea and made a little list to keep track of the money this boy was earning. Every few days he would come to her and empty out his pockets—pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters all came rolling out.

They all came from his hard work such as washing cars, running errands, and other little jobs. Every few days he would give the money to the Camp Lady, who would carefully write it down on his list. One day many weeks later, the Camp Lady was happy to tell the boy that he had earned enough to go to camp. Both of them were very happy!

Mr. and Mrs. Reiswig—the “Camp Lady” and the “Camp Man”— have been looking after Camp Polaris and its campers for the past 20 years. Even during the rest of the year when camp isn’t going on, the children know that the Reiswigs still love and care about them, and that they are always welcome to come to their home. The children and their parents know that the Camp Lady and Camp Man will do all they can to help them with whatever problems they are having. And most importantly, the Reiswigs teach the children and their parents about God, His love for them, and that He has a wonderful plan for their lives.