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Thirteenth Sabbath Program

If your division will present the Thirteenth Sabbath program for the adults:

Prepare to present your theme song for this quarter, or choose one from Adventist Mission at

Give out the questions for the quiz below to children who can speak clearly in front of an audience. Practice several times before the Thirteenth Sabbath program.

Send home a note to remind parents of the program and to encourage the children to bring their Thirteenth Sabbath Offering the next week.

If your division will not join the adults for a special program, make Thirteenth Sabbath special by inviting a special guest to speak to the children about life in Jamaica, Belize, or one of the other countries of Inter-America. Encourage the speaker to bring items that will interest the children and help them to understand the culture and challenges of the people there. You may also use the quiz in the children’s division—they enjoy sharing what they have learned!

Remind the children to bring their Thirteenth Sabbath Offering. Make the offering appeal a big event in Sabbath School. Count the money and let the children know how much they have brought for missions during the quarter. Praise them for what they have done and let them know that their offerings will make a big difference to children just like them who live in the Inter-American Division. 

Mission Quiz

Narrator: This quarter we have learned many things about the people of the Inter-American Division. We would like to test you to see if you have learned your lessons as well as the children have. The children will ask the questions. If you think you know the answer, raise your hand.

Q 1: The Inter-American Division is made up of how many countries? (a) 12, (b) 31, or (c) 42. [Answer: (c) 42 countries].

Q 2: The Inter-American Division has more than ______ million members, with the highest ratio of members to the population of any division in the world church. (a) 3.7, (b) 4, (c) 4.2 (d) 5.1 [Answer: (a) 3.7].

Q 3: Most of the countries of the Inter-American Division touch which body or bodies of water? (a) the Pacific Ocean, (b) the Caribbean Sea, (c) the Gulf of Mexico, or (d) the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea? [Answer: (d)].

Q 4: What countries will receive part of today’s Thirteenth Sabbath Offering? [Belize and Jamaica].

Q 5: The birthplace of chewing gum is what Inter-American country? [Belize].

Q 6: What are the three main languages spoken in Inter-America? [English, Spanish, and French].

Q 7: What is the official language of Belize and Jamaica? [English].

Q 8: In the country of Belize, the youth make up what percentage of church membership? (a) 90 percent, (b) 70 percent, (c) 50 percent, (d) 40 percent [Answer: (b) 70 percent].

Q 9: Which country featured this quarter has an average of one Adventist for every nine people, and which country has an average of one Adventist for every eight people? [Answers: Jamaica, 1 in 9; Belize, 1 in 8].

Q 10: What is the name of the center in Jamaica that will be able to build a maternal health clinic and a dental clinic because of our Thirteenth Sabbath Offering? [Answer: The Good Samaritan Inn].

Q 11: Which country in Inter-America is known for producing the fastest runners in the world? [Jamaica—Usain Bolt, fastest man in the world; Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, one of the world’s fastest women].

Q 12: This is the flag of which country in the Inter-American Division? [Hold up flag (or picture of flag) of Jamaica.]

Q 13: Which Inter-American country has eight native snake species—but none are venomous? [Jamaica].

Q 14: This is the flag of which country in the Inter-American Division? [Hold up flag (or picture of flag) of Belize.]

Q 15: Part of our offering today will help build a youth camp and evangelistic center for more effective lay training in which country? [Belize].

Narrator: The Thirteenth Sabbath has traditionally been a time when Adventists bring an extra-generous offering to help the fields being featured that quarter spread the gospel of Jesus to their region. One fourth of the total offering received today in churches around the world will go directly to support the projects in Belize and Jamaica. Thank you so much for supporting mission!