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Letting Our Light Shine

Now it’s my turn to tell others that Jesus loves them and is coming soon to take us home.

Last week we heard a story about a girl named Milenny. Milenny made friends with Nicole and José, her neighbors, and often talked to them about God. One day Milenny invited Nicole and José to Sabbath School, and they went with her.

“I really like church,” Nicole says. “I especially like the Bible stories and the mission stories from far-away places. And I like to sing. Sometimes Milenny and I sing together for church.”

Sharing With the Family

“I tell my parents about what I learn in Sabbath School, and I invite them and my older brother and sister to come to church with us. Sometimes they come, especially when I am singing.

“When Milenny was baptized, José and I wanted to be baptized too. Our parents said that we could, so we were baptized on the same day as Milenny. I’m glad that Jesus invites children to be His friends!”

All Around the Neighborhood

“Not long ago we moved to another neighborhood several miles away from Milenny. So I don’t get to see her much. But now I have a whole new neighborhood of children that I can talk to about God. I tell them that Jesus loves them and that He is coming soon. I invite them to listen to the children’s program on the Adventist radio station every afternoon. Some of them listen to the program, and they like it. This is a good way to teach them about God.

“And just like Milenny invited my brother and me to church, now I invite my friends in the neighborhood to come to church. So far none have come, but I’m sure they will one day.

“Our new church is small, and we don’t have a Pathfinder Club or an Adventurer Club. But we do have a children’s Bible story group. We act out the Bible stories we learn for the children in our neighborhood. That’s fun, and the children like it. We have from 15 to 25 children coming to our meetings.”

Let It Shine Till Jesus Comes

“I invite my friends from the neighborhood to come to the Bible program at church. I’m glad that the grown-ups in our church help us put on this program so we can share God’s love with other kids.

“I’m so glad that my friend Milenny told me about God’s love. I’m glad that her mother invited us to church and to her children’s Bible club. Now it’s my turn to tell other children—and adults too—that Jesus loves them and is coming soon to take us home. I want them to be ready when Jesus comes. Please pray that we will all be ready when Jesus comes to take us to heaven.”