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Making Friends for Jesus

When Jesus is a big part of our lives, it’s easy to share God’s love with our friends.

Milenny lives in Santo Domingo, the capital city of the Dominican Republic. The Dominican Republic is another country in the Inter-American Division.

Sharing God’s love with others comes naturally for Milenny. Her mother produces a children’s program for the Adventist radio station in town, and Milenny gets to help her.

“Sometimes I tell a story, and sometimes I give a short devotional message or talk about a certain idea from the Bible,” Milenny says. “It’s a fun way to tell children about God.” And of course Milenny invites her friends to listen to the children’s program.

Milenny also helps her mother put on children’s programs in churches around the city. She’s a member of a children’s drama group that acts out Bible stories. So Milenny has lots of things to invite her friends to where they can learn about Jesus.

A New Friend for Jesus

One day Milenny met Nicole, a new girl who had moved into her neighborhood. Milenny asked Nicole to be her friend. Soon Milenny realized that Nicole’s family didn’t attend church regularly. So Milenny invited Nicole and her brother, José, to attend church with her. The children came, and they liked it.

Milenny’s mother visited Nicole’s mother and invited Nicole and her brother José to a children’s Bible club she was starting in her home. “We’ll sing songs and learn Bible stories and pray,” Mother offered. The children’s mother liked the idea, so the next Tuesday José and Nicole went to Milenny’s house for the first meeting.

Several other children came, too. They talked for a few minutes about what was happening in their lives, then they studied a Bible story, sang, and prayed. Milenny was glad that her friends could come to the Bible club. She worked hard to make sure that they enjoyed the club activities and would want to attend every week.

Sharing God’s Love

Nicole and José are still attending the Bible club and Sabbath School. They like to tell their parents what they are learning. So Milenny’s mother invited José and Nicole’s parents to study the Bible with her, and they accepted. They want to know more about God and what their children are learning in church.

“I’m so glad that my parents have taught me to share God’s love with my friends,” Milenny says. “Because Nicole and José accepted my invitations to attend church and my mom’s Bible club, two more people are in God’s family today. I hope that soon their older brother and sister and their parents will come to know Jesus and join the Adventist Church too.”

When Jesus is a big part of our lives, it’s easy to share God’s love with our friends. How can you share God’s love with someone this week? You may not help make a radio program, but maybe you can invite your friends to your own Bible club, and you can invite them to go with you to Sabbath School.