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No Fighting Here

Deryn hated going to school. Every day he got into a fight. Fighting was common at the school, and sometimes students would even fight with the teachers!

Deryn hated going to school. Every day he got into a fight. Fighting was common at the school, and sometimes students would even fight with the teachers! Once in a while students would secretly bring rum to school and drink it. When Deryn wasn’t fighting, he was sleeping in class because he stayed up late the previous night watching TV. “When a student can’t learn, anger builds up in them, so we were always fighting,” he said.

Deryn’s mother didn’t know what to do with him, or his younger sisters, who also fought at school. One day she heard about an Adventist primary school in their city and went to visit the school. She was so happy to learn that her children could attend the Adventist school.

A Difference

Right away Deryn noticed that his new school was different. “There’s no fighting here,” he says. “I never really learned much at my old school, and when I came to this school I had to repeat the same grade again, but then I started to learn, and I passed my classes. And the teachers are nice to the students. My sisters are much happier at this school, as well. They have settled down a lot and don’t fight anymore.

“The most wonderful thing that has happened here is when we had a Week of Prayer. We sang, heard special presentations, and prayed. Then, we were invited to give our life to God, and I decided that I wanted to do that.

“After I gave my life to God, I started to change, and I didn’t give people trouble anymore. I started listening to my teachers and behaving. Everything started to work out, and I really changed. My favorite teacher is Miss Kitsall. She is the one who led me to God. I learned that a Christian school gives you another solution—when you have problems, you can take them to God through prayer. ”

Favorite Classes

Deryn also enjoys singing and learning Bible stories—especially the one about David and Goliath. “And I really like how we use the Bible and math together,” he says. “Like when Jesus healed 10 lepers, but only 1 came back—what percentage returned?

“But science is my favorite class. We are learning about the parts of the body—the heart, lungs, nervous system, and brain. And I learned that I needed more sleep than what I was getting, so I go to bed earlier now, instead of staying up late and watching TV.

When he grows up, Deryn wants to be a chef. Even now he enjoys making breakfast for his large family of four sisters, two brothers, and parents.

Deryn and his two younger sisters are thankful that they can go to the Belmopan Adventist School, and will always remember the lessons that they have learned there. In addition to coming to the school, Deryn and his family now attend the Seventh-day Adventist church, which is right next to the school.

We can help people in Belize by giving to the special Thirteenth Sabbath Offering this quarter. Thank you for remembering them and giving to the mission offering.