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God's Miracle Baby

Jeremy’s mother believed that her baby was a gift from God, and that if it was God’s will that the baby lived, He would help him.

Jeremy is a miracle baby. He was born three months early, and he was so small that the doctor thought Jeremy wasn’t going to live. But Jeremy’s mother believed that her baby was a gift from God, and that if it was God’s will that the baby lived, He would help him.

So she took a washcloth and carefully wrapped her precious baby in it and put him in her pocket! When she got home, the baby’s nine brothers and sisters asked their mother, “Where’s the new baby?” They were so surprised when she carefully pulled out the little bundle from her pocket, and gently unwrapped their baby brother!

Growing Stronger

Every day his mother prayed for him and asked God to show her what to do to help her baby live, and of course his brothers and sisters prayed for him, too. The baby’s mouth was so tiny that he couldn’t nurse from his mother, so she used a little doll’s bottle to feed him. Because they didn’t have an incubator, each day the mother carefully put her baby in a safe place outside where his little body could absorb the warmth of the sunshine.

Every day the baby grew a little bit bigger and a little bit stronger. He kept growing for several months, but one day he became very sick. The mother took him back to the hospital, and the doctor and nurses were very surprised to see him still alive. Because he was so sick, the baby needed a blood transfusion, but even with this the doctor was sure that the baby would die that night. But Jeremy’s mother kept praying, asking God to heal her baby. In the morning the baby was still alive! The mother took him home where he was greeted by his very happy brothers and sisters.

Answered Prayers

The little baby kept growing, and before long he had his first birthday. But then he became sick again and had to go back to the same hospital, where he again saw the same doctor. This time the doctor told the mother, “Your child has a very bad disease. He will never be able to walk, and by the time he is 2 years old, he will be blind. And he won’t live past the age of 5.”

But the faithful mother didn’t give up. She took her precious son home and kept praying for him. She prayed for him every day, and little Jeremy kept growing bigger and stronger. By the time he was 2, Jeremy could still see perfectly, and he enjoyed running around with his brothers and sisters. Then he turned, 3, then 4, and then 5 years old! By the time he was 6 years old Jeremy was a big, strong, and healthy boy, ready to start school. He joined his brothers and sisters at the Adventist primary school in Belize City. Then he went on to the Adventist academy and junior college in Belize.

Jeremy loves to tell others how God saved his life so many times. “God brought many miracles in my life, and He is still doing miracles for me and others,” he says. “My dream is to see millions of people saved in the kingdom of God. By His grace I have been able to lead out in many evangelistic meetings and have had the joy of seeing hundreds of people baptized through this outreach. I believe that many young people and older people, if we come together, can hasten the coming of Jesus.

“My mother, whom I love so much, always reminds me: ‘Never forget that you belong to God. He preserved you, and you are here to bring Him glory.’” Jeremy hopes to finish his education soon and become an ordained pastor.