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A Plan for My Life

That night Mrs. Boloban cried and cried. She did not want to lose her baby, and decided to ask God for help. “Dear Jesus, if this child is going to grow up and live for you, please help him now.”

Yaroslav is a miracle child. When his mother, Mrs. Boloban, was expecting him, she became very sick and had to go to the hospital. After examining her, the doctor thought that he was going to have to remove the baby so that Mrs. Boloban could live. 

That night Mrs. Boloban cried and cried. She did not want to lose her baby, and decided to ask God for help. “Dear Jesus,” she prayed, “if this child is going to grow up and live for you, please help him now.” 

Very early the next morning the doctor came to see Mrs. Boloban in the hospital. “I couldn’t sleep last night because I was thinking about you,” he told her. “I’ve changed my mind. We’re going to try a different treatment, and if that works, you can keep your baby.”

Even though Mrs. Boloban had to stay in the hospital for three months, she was so happy that God had answered her prayers and that her baby would live!

Dedicated to God

After the baby was born, Mrs. Boloban named him Yaroslav. She dedicated him to God and prayed that he would serve Him. As Yaroslav grew from a baby into a toddler and then into a young boy, Mrs. Boloban started thinking about where he would go to school. She realized that Yaroslav would probably have to go to the school closest to their home. 

September 1, called the “Day of Knowledge,” is a very important holiday in Ukraine. That is when all students go back to school. Many of them bring their teachers flowers on that day, and parents and other visitors are welcome to visit the school. On September 1 Yaroslav washed his face and hands until they were squeaky clean, combed his hair, and put on his very best clothes for the first day of school.

Like the other first-grade students, Yaroslav was excited to go to school. But after a few weeks he didn’t like going to school anymore. There were many fights, and Yaroslav would often hear the children swearing and calling him names. Although it wasn’t easy to be in school, Yaroslav remembered how God had protected him even before he was born, so he decided that there must be a purpose for his life.

A New School

One day when Yaroslav was in the second grade his mother heard that the Seventh-day Adventist Church was going to start a church school the next year in Vinnytsia, but that it would only be offering grades 1 and 2. Yaroslav and his mother prayed that somehow grade 3 would be included. Before the beginning of the next school year, their prayers were answered, and grade 3 was offered at the new church school. Yaroslav and Mrs. Boloban were so happy! 

The school kept growing, and Yaroslav was able to continue the following year in grade 4. More and more students wanted to attend the school, but there was no more space in the rooms at the Adventist church where they were meeting. 

Yaroslav, his classmates, and all of the parents and teachers kept praying about the situation. Then a miracle happened! The Adventists were able to buy some beautiful land out of the city where they could build a bigger school. The land included many trees and open places where the children could play outdoors. 

Parents, teachers, and church leaders have all come to help build the school. They want the children to be able to have an Adventist education all the way through high school. This is really important to them, Mrs. Boloban said, because “all of the students are treated fairly, and things are done according to the Bible. The students are taught how to love, to forgive, to be compassionate and understanding, and to make some sacrifices in their own lives.”

Yaroslav likes how the school will be out in nature. “I like going to the forest. And at this school you don’t hear kids swearing and calling you names.”

You can help build the new Adventist school in Vinnytsia. Please plan to give generously to the Thirteenth Sabbath Offering this quarter. Thank you!