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Friendly Together


Timothy is in the fifth grade at the Adventist church school in Lviv. He has been going to the school since he was in grade 3. He went to a government school for his first two years, and while he learned many things at the public school, he was happy to come to an Adventist school where “all the children pray to God,” he said. He also enjoys the worships and Bible classes. “My favorite Bible story is about Jesus, because He is so very kind and He loves us very much.”

School begins with worship at 8:45 a.m. Classes start at 9:00 a.m. and continue until 3:00 p.m., with a lunch break at noon. Timothy’s favorite foods are soup and fruit salad. 

While English is Timothy’s favorite class, he also enjoys science, in which the teacher—who happens to be his mother— “teaches us about nature. During every lesson we do some experiments. It’s very interesting.”

His favorite things about the Lviv Adventist School is “that we all know each other and that we are very friendly together.”

Timothy, who hopes to one day be an architect, is praying about the school expansion. “We want more students to be able to come to this school,” he said, “so that they, too, can know God and study in this Christian atmosphere.”

I Love My School

Karina has also been coming to the Adventist school since she was in the third grade. “I heard about this school from my cousin Sasha,” she said. “He encouraged me to come and told me that this was a very interesting school, with good friends. And he was right. We have a good atmosphere here. This school is calm—nobody is fighting.”

Karina’s favorite teacher is Alexander Koberniyk, the school’s director, who teaches Ukrainian language and literature. “He demands a lot,” said Karina, “because he wants us to have a lot of knowledge. He explains things very well, and he gives good marks if we know something.”

Karina plans to be a doctor, architect, or designer someday, but for the near future she is hoping to be able to continue studying at the Lviv Adventist School. “I love my school,” she said. “We have very kind teachers and good friends. I love everything here.”

Let’s remember to bring our Thirteenth Sabbath Offering this quarter so that we can help Karina and Timothy and many other students continue to study at the Lviv Adventist School. Thank you!