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Stronger Than Demons

Bindya lives on a tea estate in India near the border of Bhutan. A few years ago she became demon possessed.

Bindya [BIHND-yah] lives on a tea estate in India near the border of Bhutan. A few years ago she became demon possessed. When the demons went into her, Bindya became totally helpless—she couldn’t do anything! It was terrible. Then two Adventist men visited the tea estate where Bindya’s family lived and worked. They learned about Bindya’s terrible problem and visited her home to pray for her. The two men sang some Christian songs and prayed for the family and especially for Bindya. When the Adventists returned a few weeks later, they saw that Bindya was getting better. They again prayed for her and told her parents to trust in the God of heaven to heal her, for only He was stronger than the demons that troubled her. 

Later when a Seventh-day Adventist pastor visited the family, Bindya’s parents were so happy that she was getting better that they asked him to take Bindya home with him and pray for her until she was completely healed. 

The pastor took Bindya back to his home, and the following Sabbath he took the girl to church. That day Bindya told everyone that God had healed her from the evil spirits. She gave her life completely to Jesus Christ and asked the church members to pray for her. The church responded by dedicating her to God. 

Bindya is now baptized, and many families on the tea estate where Bindya lives want to know more about the God who is stronger than the demons. Please pray for them.

The True Sabbath

Mr. David is a Seventh-day Adventist who lives in Bhutan. There are some other small Christian churches where Mr. David lives. Not all of these churches are Seventh-day Adventist. One time when Mr. David was visiting people in their homes, he met Mr. Bora, the leader of another Christian church that had about 60 members. Mr. David said that he was a Seventh-day Adventist, and Mr. Bora was curious. Who are Seventh-day Adventists, and what did they believe, he wondered? The two men talked for a while, and Mr. David explained a few things that Adventists believe. Mr. Bora was still curious, and so the two men began studying the Bible together. Soon Mr. Bora learned about the Sabbath. After he carefully studied his Bible, he believed that the seventh-day Sabbath was God’s holy day.

After Mr. Bora was sure that the Sabbath day is the Bible day of worship, he shared this wonderful news with all of the people who went to his church. Then, Mr. Bora’s whole church decided to begin worshipping on the true Sabbath! That was a very happy day for Mr. Bora and everybody at his church. Mr. David is happy too, as he teaches these new Sabbathkeepers more about the Bible.