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A Child Shall Lead

Ama is a quiet girl, and she wondered if she would have any friends in her new school.

Our story today is from Ghana [locate on map]. 

Ama and Adwoa

Ama was 9 years old when her father took a new job and moved to northern Ghana. Mother had to remain in their former town for several months. 

Ama is a quiet girl, and she wondered if she would have any friends in her new school. Then she met Adwoa [AH-dwa], a classmate, who wanted to be her friend. Adwoa often talked about God. One day Adwoa invited Ama to come to her house for evening worship. Ama’s father gave her permission to go. Ama listened quietly as Adwoa and her parents read a Bible story and sang songs about Jesus. Then she bowed her head while the family prayed. 

Ama enjoyed her friend’s family worship, and she asked if she could come again. “Come whenever you wish,” Adwoa’s mother said. Ama went as often as she could. She wished that her own family would worship God together like Adwoa’s family did. 

Ama learned that Adwoa’s family was Seventh-day Adventist. They worshipped at home because there was no Adventist church in town. Ama began to feel as if she were Seventh-day Adventist too. 

Mother Objects

When Ama’s mother arrived in the family’s new home, she tried to stop Ama from worshipping with her friend. Ama told her friend’s family of her mother’s opposition. “We must pray that God will open your mother’s heart so you can continue to come,” Adwoa said. “And you must pray for your family too. God can change their hearts if you pray for them.” 

Ama prayed that God would help her to be a good Christian, so that her mother would allow her to continue worshipping with Adwoa’s family. 

Tent Meetings

One day an Adventist pastor came to town to hold special meetings. Ama hoped that her family would go to the meetings so they would realize that Adventists are not strange people. Her mother and sisters went with her to the meetings. They listened to the sermons and sang the songs. And when the meetings ended, Ama’s mother didn’t object when Ama’s sisters asked to be baptized. Ama was thrilled. But she was even happier when her mother told the pastor that she wanted to be baptized too. 

Ama is glad that God gave her a special friend in her new town. She is glad that Adwoa invited her to worship with her family. But Ama is especially thankful that God answered her prayers and led her mother and sisters to accept Jesus as their Savior and want to worship with Adwoa’s family. Now Ama and her mother and sisters pray that her father and brother will soon give their hearts to Christ. Then the family can be united in their faith.

Our mission offerings help spread the message that Jesus loves us all and wants us to worship Him together. Let’s pray that Ama’s family will be united in God’s love very soon.

[Close with prayer.]