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The Little Missionary

Theodore is just 8 years old, but already he is a missionary. Theodore lives in Liberia.

Theodore is just 8 years old, but already he is a missionary. Theodore lives in Liberia [locate Liberia on a map]. 

Making Friends

Theodore’s family often opened their home to young people. Two teen boys who lived too far away from a decent school came to Theodore’s home to live while they finished their studies. Then Amos, another teenager, came to visit one of the boys. He always enjoyed it when Theodore’s mother invited him to stay for dinner. 

Amos is several years older than Theodore, but the two boys enjoyed spending time together and quickly became buddies. One day Theodore told his parents that he wanted to adopt Amos as his big brother. 

When Theodore learned that Amos didn’t attend church, Theodore invited Amos to join the family for church on Sabbath. “Sure, I’ll go with you,” Amos said in his easygoing way. Amos arrived at Theodore’s house on Friday so he wouldn’t be late for church on Sabbath. He found the family cleaning and cooking for Sabbath. Amos joined in. He scrubbed the floors, helped his friends cook, and even washed the clothes! Everyone worked together to prepare for Sabbath.  

Theodore’s Plan

Amos couldn’t always attend church with the family. Some weekends he had to work, and other weekends he went to see his parents in the village to get food. When Theodore learned this, he asked his mother to feed Amos so that he would not have to miss church to go home.

When the church held evangelistic meetings, Theodore invited Amos to attend. Amos went. And when Theodore asked how Amos liked the meeting, Amos laughed and said, “I liked it a lot, and if you don’t invite me tomorrow, I’ll come anyway.” The next night Amos came early so that he could eat with the family before the meeting. 

Amos went to all the meetings. He attended the baptismal classes after the meetings. And when the pastor announced that there would be a baptism in the river, Amos joined the new believers. And standing on the river’s edge was Theodore, eager to see Amos be baptized. Theodore was so happy that he thought his chest would burst. “I felt as if my big brother were being baptized. Now Amos and I are brothers in Jesus.”

Be a Missionary

“Father says I’m a missionary,” Theodore says, “because I invited Amos to come to Jesus. You can be a missionary too,” he adds. “Just tell your friends about Jesus and invite them to come to church with you.” 

Theodore is right, boys and girls. Let’s all make a friend for Jesus this week. Another way to be a missionary is to bring your mission offering every Sabbath. You’ll be helping someone somewhere learn about Jesus.