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Dorcas Shares Her Faith

On her way to church one Sabbath Dorcas saw two girls quarreling. I wish they would stop fighting, Dorcas thought.

Dorcas lives in Togo, a tiny sliver of a country east of Ghana in West Africa. [Locate on map.] 

Breaking Up a Fight

On her way to church one Sabbath Dorcas saw two girls quarreling. I wish they would stop fighting, Dorcas thought. Dorcas looked around, but nobody else was nearby. So she walked toward the girls and said, “Please don’t fight!” 

Surprised, the two girls stopped fighting and looked at Dorcas. 

“Why were you fighting?” Dorcas asked. The two girls told Dorcas why they had been arguing. When they thought about it, their quarrel seemed pretty silly. 

“If you both say you’re sorry and forgive each other,” Dorcas said, “you can be friends.” The girls apologized to each other. Dorcas smiled and waved goodbye, then hurried on to church.

Invitation to Supper

Kekeli [keh-KEH-lee], one of the girls who had been arguing, invited Dorcas to play. The two girls became friends. One day Kekeli’s mom invited Dorcas to dinner

“I would like to,” Dorcas said. “But I must ask my mother.” 

Dorcas’s mother gave her permission, and Dorcas hurried to Kekeli’s house. The food was already on the table. Everyone sat down, and Kekeli’s mother began dishing out the food. As soon as they had food on their plates, the children began to eat. But Dorcas just sat there.

“Eat!” Kekeli said. “My mom’s a great cook!”

“Excuse me,” Dorcas spoke politely. “Could I thank Jesus for the food?” 

Kekeli’s mom asked the children to be quiet while Dorcas prayed. 

“Thank You, Jesus, for Kekeli and her family. Please bless them. And thank You for this good food. Amen.”

Everyone began to eat. “This food is delicious,” Dorcas said. “Your mom really is a good cook!” 

“I told you!” Kekeli said, grinning. 

Kekeli Is Sick

A few weeks later Dorcas stopped by Kekeli’s house. She had not seen Kekeli in several days and wondered if something was wrong. Kekeli’s mother answered the door. 

“Come in, Dorcas!” Kekeli’s mother said. “Kekeli has been sick, but I’m sure she will enjoy seeing you.” 

“What’s wrong?” Dorcas asked.

“She has a fever, and she aches all over.” 

“May I pray for Kekeli?” Dorcas asked.

“OK!” Kekeli’s mother said. “It won’t hurt to pray.” She led the way to Kekeli’s bed. Dorcas knelt beside Kekeli’s bed and prayed, “Dear Jesus, Kekeli is sick. Please come and touch her, heal her, so that her family will know that You love them and care for them. Please forgive all our sins, and answer our prayer in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

The Miracle

Dorcas did not stay long, because Kekeli needed to rest. But a little while later Kekeli’s mother saw Dorcas and called to her. “Dorcas, come! Kekeli’s fever is gone! She wants to see you.”

Dorcas hurried into Kekeli’s house. “That’s wonderful!” Dorcas beamed. “I knew Jesus would heal her!” Dorcas visited her friend for a few minutes, and then she hurried home to tell her mom what had happened.  

The next day Dorcas invited Kekeli to Sabbath School. On Sabbath Dorcas stopped at Kekeli’s house. “Is it OK if my parents come with us?” Kekeli said. “They want to know more about your church and your God.” 

Kekeli’s mom and dad went with the girls to Sabbath School. They joined the pastor’s Bible study class, and before long they accepted Jesus as their Savior and joined the Adventist Church. 

“I’m so glad that Kekeli and I became friends,” Dorcas told her mother. “I’m glad they came to church and gave their hearts to Jesus.”

“And just think,” her mother added. “If you had not helped the girls stop quarreling, or if you had not prayed before dinner that first time you visited, they probably never would have come to church and learned about Jesus!”

What About You?

What about you, boys and girls? If you visit someone’s home where people don’t pray before meals, would you be brave enough to pray? If a friend does not attend church, will you invite them to come with you? Who knows where it may lead!