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Standing Strong

As Boldroo read the final exam schedule, she felt as if she had been punched in the stomach. Her final exam was scheduled on Sabbath.

Boldroo’s chest tightened as she stared at the exam schedule. “Final exams will be held on Saturday,” it read. She had worked so hard to graduate from the university, taking whole semesters off to work so she could pay her tuition and pleading with teachers to allow her to take her exams on days other than the Sabbath.

As graduation neared, she had allowed her heart to soar with the joy of accomplishment. Soon she would graduate. But as she read the final exam schedule, she felt as if she had been punched in the stomach. Her final exam was scheduled on Sabbath.

A Plea Refused

“What can I do?” Boldroo asked her friend Coral later that evening. “I’ve heard stories of how God blessed students who refused to take their exams on Sabbath. But I’ve also heard of students who couldn’t graduate because they missed part of their exam.”

Let’s talk to the director,” Coral suggested. “Maybe he’ll make an exception.”

The next day Boldroo and Coral stepped into the departmental director’s office. Boldroo was worried when she saw the scowl on his face. “Why are you asking for a change in the schedule?” he demanded. “You must take your exam the same day as your classmates. Now leave my office!”

“God has a plan.” Coral whispered as they left the director’s office. Boldroo nodded, but she couldn’t imagine what God’s plan was. Boldroo vowed that she would not take the exam on Sabbath, no matter what.

The Longest Day

On Sabbath, while her friends went to the university to take their final exam, Boldroo went to church. She struggled to keep her mind on worship, but found her thoughts slipping away to the exam room where her friends were defending their theses. She forced her mind back to God by repeating His promise, “I will never leave you nor forsake you” [Hebrews 13:5, NKJV].*

Late that afternoon as Boldroo walked home, her cell phone rang. “Your documents are ready for you to take your exam,” the office secretary said. Boldroo thanked the woman and hung up. Several times that afternoon fellow students, and even some teachers called, urging Boldroo to hurry to the department office to report for her exam.

Boldroo fought the temptation to go to the school. She knew that the exams usually finished about 8:00 in the evening, before the summer sun would set. Boldroo pleaded with God for peace and strength to resist the temptation to go to the school during God’s holy hours.

Boldroo waited until the twilight was fading to darkness before she left her home for the school. With a prayer on her lips, she hurried to the university. Maybe it’s not too late, she hoped.

“Your God Is Great”

It was dark before Boldroo entered the office where the exams were being held. She was surprised to find students still waiting to make their presentations. She signed her name on the exam register and gave her thesis to a teacher to give to the committee. Then Boldroo waited.

Some students asked Boldroo why she had waited so long to come for the exam, and she explained her faith in God and her desire to keep His Sabbath holy. The exams plodded along, and Boldroo struggled against sleep. Finally, long after midnight, she was called into the exam room. She made her presentation and prepared to answer the teachers’ questions. But instead of asking questions about her project, her teachers asked her about her faith.

“This is the first time we haven’t finished the exams by 8:00,” one of the teachers said. “Your God must be great to allow you to still take your exam.” Boldroo nodded and shared her faith with her instructors. Although they were tired, they attentively listened.

When the exam results were posted, Boldroo passed. Some of her classmates asked to attend church with Boldroo. They wanted to know more about her faith.

Telling Her Story

Boldroo remembers the trials she faced while completing her education. As she recalls the stories of others who kept their faith and honored the Sabbath, she smiles. Now she has her own story to tell, and she tells it whenever she has an opportunity.

Thank you for sharing as together we support mission in Mongolia.