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I realized that Seventh-day Adventists are like a big family all over the world, and that encouraged me to be ready to meet and make new friends.

In the year 2007, God gave me the great opportunity to go to Mexico with ADRA Germany. I was able to serve in the Institute of Languages at the University of Navojoa. When I first heard of the opportunity, I was a bit afraid because it was such a big step for me. I would be going to another continent, learning a new language, and becoming acquainted with a new and different culture. It was nerve-wracking! However, what made me decide to accept the opportunity was the fact that God was on my side. God is always on our side, and realizing that helped my faith grow stronger. I also realized that Seventh-day Adventists are like a big family all over the world, and that encouraged me to be ready to meet and make new friends. I prayed about it for a long time. I also spoke with other volunteers about their experiences, and after hearing them, I felt my courage return. It was clear that God had opened this door, so I went!  

I had such a wonderful time in Mexico! I had so many great experiences and I saw God’s blessings daily while I was there. The University of Navojoa has a very peaceful atmosphere. I served as an ESL teacher, and I felt so privileged to be a part of the campus activities. In my teaching, I used Bible stories and other religious materials in my work. I loved my work a lot. My favorite part was teaching English to non-Adventists. I would answer their questions, and sometimes, I would have the joy of seeing some of them attend our church! At the university, I met so many people that were serving God in small and big, but equally wonderful ways. It was so encouraging to see how these people lived and how strong their faith was. They taught me so much. Through them, I learned to trust in God no matter what happens. God has complete control of my life. 

The Bible says that God’s ways and thoughts are higher than ours. What I hadn’t even anticipated was that God would open the door to Mexico again after I had finished my last exams in Germany. I was able to go back to the University of Navojoa and work there for two more years. I was so happy! At the university, I would be able to use all the gifts God gave me to help and serve other people. I would be able to teach English again, and share Christ with others. I knew that I would have so many more wonderful experiences with Jesus. What an amazing God we serve! 


Anne GauerAnne Gauer is originally from the north of Germany. She lives on a little island named Poel in the Baltic Sea. Anne served as an ESL Teacher at the University of Navojoa in Mexico. She served from August of 2007 through February of 2009. She returned to work at the University again after she finished her education. Anne desires to inspire young people for Jesus and the Adventist message. She feels that she has had so many positive experiences with Jesus that she just has to share them with others and encourage people to let Jesus be their Teacher and Guide through life.