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Month 3

September–Growth Means New Opportunities

Your contribution to the 13th Sabbath Offering will have a tremendous impact in people's lives in West-Central Africa. Please consider how you can support these projects.

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    Mission Spotlight Monthly Stories

  • July–Building on the Frontlines

    The West-Central African division is a unique part of the world. Let's visit the division headquarters and the country of Liberia to see some of the things happening in this territory.

  • August–An Unusual Mission

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church is committed to sharing the love of Jesus with unreached people groups around the world. Let's look at examples in Japan and Canada!

  • September–Growth Means New Opportunities

    Your contribution to the 13th Sabbath Offering will have a tremendous impact in people's lives in West-Central Africa. Please consider how you can support these projects.

  • Mission 360° Weekly Stories

  • July 4–Growing from Burnt Roots

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church took root in Liberia nearly 100 years ago. After much war, they have struggled to rebuild churches and are now asking for your help!

  • July 11–The Plant Ambassadors

    There was a silent killer in Ioryina’s home. It was slowly sapping the life and health of his family. That was until he discovered what was slowly taking away their health.

  • July 18–Butterfly Paradise

    Butterflies everywhere! In Cambodia, the Butterfly Paradise is sharing a message of hope in a unique way.

  • July 25–Mission Unusual Tokyo

    There’s nothing unusual about the Adventist Church being involved in mission. Mission has always been our focus. But there is something very unusual about a new mission movement taking off in Tokyo.

  • August 1–A Vision of Hope

    Neena does what most dog owners do. She takes her dog out for a walk every day to enjoy the outside air. But things are a little different for Neena.

  • August 8–The Church Crushed My House

    When a friend asked me for a ride, something impressed me that I should bring my family along. While we were driving, a strong storm started that caused our wooden church building to collapse on top of my house!

  • August 15–Flooding the Amazon with Hope

    Thanks to your past contributions to the 13th Sabbath Offering, the Floating Church was built to serve the Amazon! There are entire communities with either no knowledge of the Bible or no churches.

  • August 22–Jesus Stopped the Big Fight

    Children crowded around as Emmanuel and Aggee fought! Aggee had a lot of anger in his heart until he met Jesus.

  • August 29–Mission Changed Us

    A missionary family packed their bags and prepared for a new adventure in Albania! God called Delmar, Nati, and 3-year-old Clara to serve in the 10/40 Window.

  • September 5–Sneaking Out of School

    Nester snuck out of school to sell donuts at the market. When her teachers found out, she didn't get the reaction she expected.

  • September 12–Befriending a Shoeshiner

    Yulian could barely feed himself from the money he earned shining shoes. His life was transformed when he met Filip, a Global Mission pioneer.

  • September 19–The Mission Desk

    The West-Central Africa Division sends missionaries to the frontlines of mission in both the cities, and remote, hard to reach areas. But mission also happens in Pierre’s office at the division headquarters.

  • September 26–A Dangerous Basketball Court

    Darlington loves playing basketball. But even though his school has a basketball court, he’d rather play at other schools because his school’s court is dangerous.

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