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Month 3

June–From Arctic to Mediterranean

The Trans-European Division is a diverse territory. That means mission looks different from the Arctic to the Mediterranean.

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    Mission Spotlight Monthly Stories

  • April–Mission Takes Many Forms

    Mission is being done in many ways throughout the Trans-European Division. Adventist volunteers, Urban Centers of Influence, and other forms of mission all play a part in spreading the gospel!

  • May–Through Food and Radio

    The mission offering funds mission work in many different ways, including some of the work of ADRA and Adventist World Radio. Watch and be inspired by how these two ministries are impacting people around the world.

  • June–From Arctic to Mediterranean

    The Trans-European Division is a diverse territory. That means mission looks different from the Arctic to the Mediterranean.

  • Mission 360° Weekly Stories

  • April 4–Adults Go to Summer Camp!

    Music festivals, summer camp, and a mobile center of influence are all ways that Adventists are connecting with their communities in Hungary. Let's join them as they reach out to the people around them.

  • April 11–A Zimbabwean Abroad

    Mercy moved thousands of miles away from home to go to school. She missed her friends and family. When she ran into trouble at school, she found help in her local Adventist church family.

  • April 18–Bulgarian Friendship Bread

    Making bread takes time and patience. It’s the same with people—it takes time and patience to cultivate trust and friendship to warm their lives and invite them to follow Jesus.

  • April 25–ADRA School Feeding Initiative

    Let's join ADRA in Mozambique to see how people's lives are being touched by their school feeding program.

  • May 2–Tisholavo's Story

    Tisholavo used to hate Adventists. Let's see how God used Adventist World Radio to radically change his life!

  • May 9–Heaven Scores a Goal

    Sebastian decided to give his life to Jesus in an unusual place - on the soccer field! In Chile, Life Hope Centers are making a huge impact in people's lives.

  • May 16–Young Community in an Old City

    In Oslo, young Adventists value social relationships and community. Find out how your 13th Sabbath Offering in 2017 helped youth in Norway connect in exciting ways.

  • May 23–Gobbly-Gobbling Turkeys

    Agnieszka loved nature, but she was easily frightened, especially of gobbly-gobbling turkeys. Find out what happens when she runs into a group of turkeys on her way to school!

  • May 30–The Overflowing Church Plant

    A church in Spain started with only three families. Now, some 100 people attend regularly!

  • June 6–No More Medications

    When doctors told Resta he had type 2 diabetes, he had no idea what to do. He was immediately put on three medications, and none of them seemed to help. See how God uses an Adventist clinic to bring him healing!

  • June 13–A Barber by Day, a Missionary at Night

    Rocha attended parties, started drinking, and went to clubs until he ran into a friend who invited him to church. Then Jesus' love touched his heart.

  • June 20–It’s All Greek to Me

    Elias and Melina left their home in Argentina and moved to the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Check out the Meeting Point, a Global Mission Urban Center of Influence, where they serve as volunteers for Jesus.

  • June 27–The Lonely City

    Can the church still be relevant here in Sortland, Norway? Pastor Kenneth believes so. The key is forming connections where people are and meeting their most painful needs.

Mission Spotlight®

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