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Month 1

October–Experiencing Compassion

Welcome to the East-Central Africa Division! Join us as we visit a completed 13th Sabbath Offering project in Tanzania and a Global Mission pioneer in Kenya.

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    Mission Spotlight Monthly Stories

  • October–Experiencing Compassion

    Welcome to the East-Central Africa Division! Join us as we visit a completed 13th Sabbath Offering project in Tanzania and a Global Mission pioneer in Kenya.

  • November–God in the Cities

    Reaching the cities is one of the biggest mission challenges. Let's visit two large cities in Ecuador and Thailand to see what Adventists are doing to spread the gospel.

  • December–The Gift of Hope

    When you give to the 13th Sabbath Offering, you're helping change people lives around the world. This quarter we'll visit the Congo and Ethiopia to see how God will use your gifts.

  • Mission 360° Weekly Stories

  • October 5–The Compassion Unit

    Angela had a tumor growing in her stomach that caused her pain for two years. She didn’t know where to go for help until someone told her about the Adventist hospital in Mwanza, Tanzania, which was built with funds from the 13th Sabbath Offering.

  • October 12–The Baby They Could Have Saved

    Frank and Nicky rushed into the Kinshasa Adventist Clinic when Nicky started bleeding for unknown reasons. The expectant parents knew their baby wasn’t due yet...

  • October 19–The Surprise Spouse

    Lefa had found his wife, he just didn't know it yet. This Global Mission pioneer frequently went from house to house, praying and studying the Bible with people. Then, God introduced him to a special woman.

  • October 26–The 10-kilometer Church Plant

    In Quito, Ecuador’s capital city, a 10-kilometer race was just what a group of young Adventists needed to help them plant a church!

  • November 2–Faith to Climb Mountains

    When God called Brian and Jessica to Bangkok, their first thought was, "That's not really a mission field, that's a city." They soon found out about the big plans He had for them in this massive city.

  • November 9–How Water Opened the Door

    In Sri Lanka, most young adults in their 20s continue pursuing professional careers, but Rupan has taken a different journey. He became a Global Mission pioneer!

  • November 16–Where the Lambs Lead Church

    In this Congolese church, children are called lambs and have their own “lamb shelter” where they can worship together on Sabbath, thanks to your contribution to the 13th Sabbath Offering.

  • November 23–10 Percent Cow

    Something strange happened to Abraham's cattle after he returned a tithe of 100 cows to God. His neighbors were so confused!

  • November 30–Giving Up Paradise

    Adventist youth in Principe decided to skip their summer vacation in paradise. Instead, they served people in a difficult-to-access region of the island.

  • December 7–"Otra Oportunidad" by Angie Rojas

    A beautiful song by Angie Rojas from the album, "El Poder de la Esperanza."

  • December 14–The Devil’s Nightmare

    For years, my friends and I had been devil worshippers. When my son was born without both his hands and a foot, I realized the devil was attacking me for leaving him!

  • December 21–Welcome to the Neighborhood

    Driving across Kenya is beautiful. The wildlife, the people, and the landscape all contribute to a fascinating experience, but the best part of this journey is meeting people like pioneer Linus. Photo Attribution: Ministry of Defence POST-1945 OFFICIAL COLLECTION [Public domain] British official photographer [Public domain]

  • December 28–Kids in a Shipping Container

    If you visit Bamlak’s Sabbath school class, there might not be enough room for you. The children at this church only have a small area in an old shipping container to meet. Find out how you can help change that.

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