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January 6–A School for Joshua

Joshua's dream to attend an Adventist school came to life thanks to community kindness and unwavering faith. Your support of the 13th Sabbath Offering can illuminate more lives this quarter!

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Quarter 1

Monthly Videos

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    January–Mission in Southern Asia

    This quarter, we'll travel to Southern Asia to see some examples of how God is present in this region of the world!

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    February–Adventism in Spain

    Let's see how the Adventist message was first brought to Spain and what Adventism looks like there today!

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    March–Building Up Their Education

    Let's visit two Adventist schools in Southern Asia. We'll learn how we can support them this quarter to improve the education of children there.

Weekly Videos

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    January 6–A School for Joshua

    Joshua's dream to attend an Adventist school came to life thanks to community kindness and unwavering faith. Your support of the 13th Sabbath Offering can illuminate more lives this quarter!

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    January 13–Elevating Minds in Nepal

    In a mountainous region of Nepal, young Aashisrai and other Adventist children faced challenges in accessing education until a local church rented a school building. Despite limited resources and facilities, dedicated teachers strive to provide Adventist education, but the community's dream of establishing their own school with improved facilities depends on support from the 13th Sabbath Offering.

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    January 20–Jennifer’s Good Day Talking to Jesus

    Jennifer, a 12-year-old girl from northern India, starts and ends her day with heartfelt prayers to Jesus, expressing gratitude and seeking blessings for her family, school, and daily activities. Despite facing challenges, her faith remains unwavering, and her prayers are a source of comfort and connection.

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    January 27–Bond’s Mission to Spain

    Frank Starr Bond and his brother Walter were the first Adventist missionaries to bring the Adventist message to Spain. Frank, along with his wife Martha, established schools and churches, baptized families, and played a significant role in the growth of the Adventist community in Spain.

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    February 3–Madrid’s Post-Christian Church Plant

    Cero, is a church plant in Madrid, Spain that welcomes people with doubts and questions. Silvia, a skeptic, found solace in Cero, rediscovering her belief in God and experiencing love and acceptance, prompting her baptism.

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    February 10–Crossing Mountains and Rivers to Carry Hope to His Village

    In a remote Cabécar village in Costa Rica, Arsenio, a Global Mission pioneer, overcomes physical and cultural barriers to share the Adventist message. Arsenio and aspiring pastor Melvin work passionately to bring hope and the love of Jesus to their indigenous community, striving to make the gospel accessible in their native language.

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    February 17–A Church Hub in a Tech Hub

    In the heart of Bangalore's tech industry, the Central Kannada Church, which began in classrooms and laboratories, faced challenges finding space for its growing congregation. Thanks to the support of the 13th Sabbath Offering, the church obtained a property and is now constructing a new 4300-square-foot building, enabling them to expand their ministry among the city's middle and upper-class residents.

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    February 24–Peace in a Tin House

    Asmita, a young girl in eastern Nepal, faces challenges as her parents struggle with alcoholism and constant fighting at home. After her mother leaves, Asmita finds solace and purpose in attending church, where she discovers God and a sense of belonging.

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    March 2–Passed Out in Church

    Lowry Adventist College in south India faces challenges due to overcrowding and deteriorating conditions in its old auditorium, where students and churchgoers gather for worship. Despite these challenges, the college and church community are dedicated to wholistic education, spiritual growth, and inclusivity, and they are seeking support to build a new church on campus through the 13th Sabbath Offering.

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    March 9–"Tell Somebody" by Two Little Fish (feat. Notes of Praise & Charleston SDA Singers)

    An original song "Tell Somebody" Written by: Audrey Hunt and Stacy Blanzy. Performed by: Two Little Fish (ft. Notes of Praise and Charleston SDA Singers)

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    March 16–“The Desert Taught Me How”

    An inspiring and original song performed by collaborators from around the world! By Juan R. Salazar L.

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    March 23–More Grades Please!

    In the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Alex attends a Seventh-day Adventist school that goes until preschool. When he faced challenges attending school on Sabbath, it emphasized the need for expanding the Adventist school up to high school. The community seeks support through the 13th Sabbath Offering to provide higher education for more students.

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    March 30–Demolishing the Dorm

    Due to its old facilities, especially the girls' dorm with asbestos sheets, the E. D. Thomas Memorial Higher Secondary School faces challenges, and a portion of the 13th Sabbath Offering will be used to renovate the dorm for a safer and more comfortable environment for the students.

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