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October–Mission in the South Pacific

Adventists are making a difference in their communities throughout the South Pacific. Let's see a couple examples from the country of Australia!

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Quarter 4

Monthly Videos

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    October–Mission in the South Pacific

    Adventists are making a difference in their communities throughout the South Pacific. Let's see a couple examples from the country of Australia!

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    November–When We Face Challenges

    The Seventh-day Adventist Church is constantly looking for ways to share a message of hope with those in the most challenging places. Please pray for the work of Global Mission pioneers and others on the frontlines of mission.

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    December–Media Ministries Making a Difference

    From radio to television, Adventists in the South Pacific are implementing media into ministry. This creative approach has helped them share the gospel with many people in this territory!

Weekly Videos

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    October 1–G’day from Dubbo

    "I never thought in my life I would be part of a Bible study group," said one person in Dubbo, Australia. Watch to see how people's lives have been transformed thanks to real relationships.

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    October 8–Bringing Hope Over Airwaves

    Let's visit Papua New Guinea to see how an old radio transformed a family and how they came to know Jesus!

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    October 15–Flying on the Mission Plane

    Eight-year-old Christian squinted his eyes as he looked up to catch his first glimpse of the mission plane in the sky. It was the start of a new missionary adventure!

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    October 22–Planting With a Purpose

    Pray for dedicated church planters on the most challenging edge of mission—sharing the Adventist Message with every nation, kindred, tongue, and people.

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    October 29–A Veil for Protection

    There are still areas of the world where it’s difficult and even dangerous to become a Christian—and where it’s difficult and dangerous to share the gospel. So we will put a veil over these places while still telling as much of the story as we can.

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    November 5–Feeding the Body as Well as the Soul

    Vegan Fresh offers a healthy variety of options to its customers in California, USA. Let's hear from some of them now!

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    November 12–Turning the Tide on Diabetes

    Thanks to your support of the 13th Sabbath Offering, projects like 10,000 Toes have touched the lives of many in the South Pacific.

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    November 19–It All Started at Recess

    Every day the children at camp received a card with a Bible verse on it to learn. As Dorcas held her card one day, she had an idea. When she returned home from camp, she asked her father to make copies of all the Bible verse cards to share with her friends at school.

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    November 26–Ministry on Wheels

    Are you inspired to use a vehicle to take a ministry to those in need within your city? Visit the Mission to the Cities website for more stories on mobile centers of influence.

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    December 3–"There We Rise" by Eric and Monique

    An original song by Eric and Monique. To hear more, visit them at

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    December 10–The First African-American Adventist Doctor

    The life and ministry of the first African-American Seventh-day Adventist medical doctor was one of constant motion! Let's see some of the ways God used her for His glory.

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    December 17–Eunice’s Household of Faith

    Eunice opened up her home to be used for mission. Let's visit her in Australia to see how God blessed her ministry.

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    December 24–I’m a King’s Kid

    This quarter, a portion of your 13th Sabbath Offering will help create King’s Kids Discipleship Series. This is five children’s TV series of 13 episodes each based on the Conflict of the Ages series, for the South Pacific.

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    December 31–Multiplying Mission Hubs

    In Melbourne, Australia, Adventists found that serving the people was the best way to share a message of hope with them. Following Christ's method of ministry has multiplied their mission hubs!

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