Veiled Country

Layla is part of that river of healing. She wakes up every morning, spends time with Jesus in prayer and Bible study, and asks God to fill her with the Holy Spirit so she can be a blessing to others. During her morning routine, she pulls out her cell phone and chooses an encouraging message that she’ll send to her friends through social media. Layla then goes to work as a nurse at a large hospital in one of the most closed countries in the world, where it could be very dangerous for her to share her faith. As she cares for patients, she listens to them and speaks an encouraging word. If the Holy Spirit prompts her, she prays for the patients or gives them a spiritual book.

God is doing amazing things through Layla. She just shared with us the following quote and inspiring story.

In Layla’s own words

“God calls not only for your benevolence, but your cheerful countenance, your hopeful words, the grasp of your hand. Relieve some of God’s afflicted ones. Some are sick, and hope has departed. Bring back the sunlight to them. There are souls who have lost their courage; speak to them, pray for them. . . . Bring them to Jesus Christ. And in all your work, Christ will be present to make impressions upon human hearts.” 

I take these words seriously. Every time I go to work, I ask Jesus to use me. I ask God for divine appointments. 

Last Thursday, I was assigned to take care of Sara, who’s very sick and has difficulty breathing. Two years ago, Sara had a lung transplant and has to use oxygen. She can’t even go to the bathroom by herself. But it was a delight for me to help her with all her basic needs. Due to health challenges and stress, her blood pressure was very high when I checked it. I gave her advice on how to lower it naturally by eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables. I also encouraged her to pray and ask the Lord to heal her. In fact, right then, I asked her if I could pray for her, and she said yes. She asked about my faith, and I told her that I’m a follower of Jesus. She took my hand and kissed it, and I could see how thankful she was that I prayed for her even though she’s not a Christian.

Later in the afternoon, Sara’s doctor decided she could be discharged. She was happy to go home. But I was still concerned about her blood pressure, so I checked it again, and her blood pressure was much lower than before. She said to her son in her local language that my presence had a calming effect on her. All I could say was praise God. Just like it says in the quote above, God was making an impression on her heart.

While I was at the hospital, I got her son’s phone number so I could check on Sara. Just yesterday, I felt impressed to text her son.

I wrote, “How’s your mom doing? Would it be okay if I share a video about Jesus? It’s about how He saved and healed people. I believe that Jesus can heal your mom as well. If you want me to share the video with you, just let me know.”

He texted back, “I hope you’re well and thank you for what you’re doing for the people. We’re fine, and my mother’s health has improved, and she’s encouraged. Yes, send me the video to share with my mother. Thank you.”

I sent the video about Jesus to him.

Later he texted, “My mother is much better than before. Your messages are useful and give us hope.”

Please pray that Sara and her son will come to know Jesus. 

Join the movement

Hope. Encouragement. Light. This is what Layla is spreading to her patients in this closed country. God’s river is flowing and touching lives in tangible ways. Will you join this healing movement? Will you say, “I will go!”?