Irene Wakeham Lee was born the year the RMS Titanic sunk, was in Hawaii when Pearl Harbor was bombed, and dedicated most of her life to serving others overseas. She passed peacefully to her rest on December 26, 2019, in her home with her stepson, David Lee, and family. She was 107 years old.

A Tribute to a Faithful Teacher

“Few missionaries who have served in the Far Eastern Division [now Southern Asia-Pacific Division] have made a greater contribution or have touched more lives than has Dr. Irene Wakeham. For more than 24 years, she was a teacher, counselor of students and friend to many students and faculty at Mountain View College and Philippine Union College. . . .

“The contribution she has made is more, however, than merely teaching young people how to express themselves in the English language. She did this well. . . . But far greater has been her spiritual influence upon hundreds of Filipino young people. As they sat in her classes and saw a teacher who reflected the Master Teacher, their lives were changed. They loved her. They enjoyed being with her. They would come to her home or go on trips with her, for it was fun and comfortable to be with Dr. Wakeham” (B. E. Olson, “A Tribute to a Faithful Teacher,” Far Eastern Division Outlook, March 1971, p. 14).