raise God for Ruben,* a Jewish man who was recently baptized. As with most Jews who join the Adventist faith, the decision wasn’t easy. But two factors helped make it possible for Ruben.

Ruben’s wife was terminally ill. His Adventist coworker, Barbara, had a son who was battling bone marrow cancer. What Ruben saw in Barbara’s life was a source of strength and comfort, and this directed his mind to the shalom that only God can give. When Barbara invited Ruben to come to church, he accepted the invitation because he desired to know the secret of her walk with God. Her life of faith was factor number one.

Although Ruben began attending an Adventist church and received Bible studies, he still couldn’t take the final step to become an Adventist. He thought that doing so would cause him to forfeit his Jewish identity. Then he learned about a Jewish Adventist congregation in his city—factor number two. This congregation and its leadership helped him take the final step and fully enjoy a new life of faith and love for God and the Messiah—Jesus—as an Adventist and as a Jew. He is now one of our most enthusiastic members, eagerly sharing the good news not only by words but also through a vibrant life of faith and love.

* Names have been changed