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Application process for volunteers and career missionaries

Volunteer Missionary Application (external site)

Career Missionary Application

The selection and appointment of Seventh-day Adventist interdivision personnel to fill calls between divisions for the mission program, is a primary concern of the church. The maintenance of current files of individuals who have shown interest in interdivision service and the supervision of the computer listing of prospects’ names and skills is a primary driver for recruiting interdivision employees. The Internet provides the ability to facilitate many common administrative tasks and to transfer information to interdivision employees. Benefits information, employee data changes, and other transactions can now be quickly handled via the Internet.

IDEs will be able to embrace this “self-service” direction for more efficiency. The functionality of the web is appealing for many reasons. A mobile IDE workforce needs access to information at various world locations. The IDE Intranet/Internet will also facilitate three components of the IDE Process Flow: IDE appointee processing, IDE appointee information, and IDE optional annual leave/furlough/permanent return.

Pre-Appointee Approval Process

Once a qualified individual has been selected for a call, a Personal Information Form (S 312) (two, if married) and a Personal Evaluation of Prospective Interdivision Employee (S 333) are sent.
The evaluation forms are sent out to those who have been listed as references on the PI form. In time-sensitive situations, telephone evaluations are conducted.

The name of the individual is presented to Appointees Committee at its weekly meeting after the feedback from the evaluators is received.
A call letter is sent together with an Appointee package which contains the following:
  • Call Sheet
  • Institution Information 
  • Health Evaluation Forms
  • Health Memo and Recommendation Immunizations
  • Missionary Appointee Information (S-610)
  • Financial Clearance from TRIPS
  • Preliminary Information from TRIPS
  • HSI Bulletin and Application 
  • Who Me, Overseas?
  • IDE Database Form (S-312b)
  • Retirement Reciprocity Arrangement from TRIPS
It is important to complete and return as soon as possible, all forms as indicated in the call letter.
After the medical examination forms have been completed by the attending physician and received by the GC SEC, they are forwarded to the Health Ministries Department, who recommends that health clearance be recorded in Appointees Committee.
A letter is sent to the appointee notifying that health and financial clearances have been approved. A copy of the General Conference Working Policy together with an appropriate credential is included.

A letter is sent authorizing the appointee and family to attend the Institute of World Mission with copies to TRIPS and IWM. A partially completed IWM Authorization Form (S-647a) is enclosed which the appointee needs to complete and mail to the IWM.
A New Missionary Debriefing Form (S-650) is sent with a request that this be completed and mailed back to SEC within a month of arrival at the overseas location. A Prayer for Missionaries leaflet is also sent at this time.

To begin this process today, please complete the Personal Information form and send it to the appropriate GC Secretariat contact (Click Here to download form S-312) or Register for online access

Post-Appointee Approval Process

As soon as Secretariat has voted an appointment for you and received your personal information, TRIPS will have enough information to begin working with you. There will be a number of forms that you will need to fill out. Please note that TRIPS works directly with North American Division-based appointees. However, if your division is other than North America, wherever the word “TRIPS” is used, please substitute “your base division treasury.”
It is most important that you do not disconnect from your present employment until advised to do so by TRIPS. In addition to receiving medical and financial clearance before your appointment is considered final, it must be certain that you will be able to obtain a visa and/or work permit in the country to which you are appointed. It is fairly easy for a person with the proper qualifications to enter some countries. In other countries it may take many months to obtain the necessary papers.
Although there is an overwhelming amount of material available to you, it is all vitally important and you need to thoroughly acquaint yourself with the information. Feel free to contact TRIPS with any questions, clarifications, or concerns you may have once you have read the information.
The following items need to be completed and returned to the TRIPS office (You may download the forms available below or request for the forms to be sent to you in a packet):

TRIPS will authorize the appropriate warehouse to work with you regarding your shipment. The warehouse will send you packing and shipping information and you will need to work closely with the warehouse personnel.

As soon as you have received medical and financial clearance, you will receive your outfitting allowance. Depending on how soon you will be leaving, you may also receive your baggage allowance at this time.
If language study is voted for you, TRIPS will make arrangements for the language study.
As soon as you have received your visa and/or work permit, or the local field advises that you are clear to come to the field, TRIPS will notify you to give notice to your present employer. TRIPS will set your salary and obtain insurance for you at this time. TRIPS will also make airline reservations for your trip to the field.
You are entitled to one month of pre-embarkation salary. This time can be used to finish packing and to visit family members prior to your departure.
TRIPS will make airline reservations for you to visit parents and grown children in the base division, if it is necessary to fly. If you drive to visit them, you may report mileage, toll, and motel expenses incurred during the trip en route to their homes. You are allowed one night’s motel expense for every 500 miles or major portion thereof. You will need to submit receipts for toll and motel expenses with your expense report.
TRIPS will also make airline reservations for your attendance at an Institute of World Mission (IWM) if you are to attend such before your arrival in the field. Secretariat will let you and TRIPS know which Institute you will be attending.
Each month before your departure for the field you should turn in an expense report with any reportable expenses for that month. You must include original receipts for reimbursement. The cost of passports, birth certificates, and other required papers for visas and/or work permits is reportable.
TRIPS will notify the field of your expected time of arrival so that someone will be available to meet you. They will also notify the field of the date through which TRIPS has paid your salary and the date when the field should begin your salary.
TRIPS will notify those dealing with interdivision payroll as to when to begin your base country deposit and expatriate allowance, and will provide them with your banking information.
From the time of your appointment until your departure for the field there will likely be many phone conferences between you and TRIPS. Please keep TRIPS advised at all times as to where you can be reached, and feel free to contact TRIPS with any questions or concerns you may have.
We hope you will find your Interdivision Service to be a richly rewarding experience.